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Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Sciences

Editor : Dr. Ashok Kumar Patidar
ISSN No. : 2455-8044
Frequency : Monthly Issue
Publisher : Astro International Publication
Submission ID : editorjsrpcb@gmail.com

Is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal featuring research article of exceptional significance in all area of pharmacy, chemistry & biological sciences.  The journal publishes original and full- length research paper of pharmaceutical, chemical & Biological sciences; subject area may include, but are not limited to the following fields:

Pharmacy : Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling/Drug Design including Pharmacokinetics, Drug delivery systems, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceutical care and Pharmaceutical biosciences,

Chemistry : Organic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Photochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Agricultural & Soil Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Petroleum Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry and Photochemistry as well as all aspects of Chemical Engineering etc.

Biology : Agriculture, Astrobiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Biomathematics or Mathematical Biology, Biomechanics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Cell Biology, Conservation Biology, Cryobiology, Ecology, Entomology, Environmental Biology, Epidemiology, Evolutionary Biology, Genetics, Gerontology, Herpetology, Histology, Ichthyology, Microbiology, Marine Biology, Medicine Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Mycology, Neurobiology, Oceanography, Ornithology, Paleontology, Pathology, Psychiatry, Parapsychology, Physiology, Pre-medicine, Virology, Zoology.

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    Volume 4, Issue 1, 2019